Water Temperature

Water Temperature

One of the aspects of voyaging that I most enjoy is observing the subtle changes in environmental conditions as the vessel moves across the ocean. Upon assuming the watch on “Starr” we make logbook entries including date, time, position, total miles, speed, course, engine RPM, fuel burn rate, and alternator charging rate. We also record barometric pressure, air and sea temperatures, sea state, cloud cover, wind direction and speed, and anything else of note. Taken as a group, the record of the environmental conditions paints a picture of the conditions that we can expect as we proceed down the track. And, we compare what we are observing to what conditions Predict Wind tells us we should be experiencing to produce a very realistic forecast that has thus far been very accurate.

Later——I had to take a break from writing this to help Don land a nice Mahi Mahi. So—on past voyages between Seattle and Hawai’i, if my memory is correct, we experienced very cold water outside Cape Flattery and well south as we were pushed by the south flowing current.

Later still——just landed another Mahi. Decided to stop fishing for the day. So—-on this voyage, in Latitude 45 North, we recorded a water temperature of 71. The temperature has risen as we proceed south. We recorded 75 degrees at 42 North, 79 degrees at 37 North, 83 degrees at 32 North. We are presently in 30 degrees North and the temperature is 84.5 degrees! I think that number is significantly higher than historical average. I am anxious to get WiFi so that I can google to confirm. The ocean should not be this warm. Oh yeah—I forgot, global warming is fake news. Belay my last.


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