The Land Of Plenty

The Land Of Plenty

Red Bluff Bay
July 5&6, 2018
56 51N, 134 44W

The Land of Plenty

We ran down Chatham Strait after exiting Peril Strait with the current giving us a one and one- half knot boost.
It is always a thrill to see the hundreds of streams cascading down the steep mountains on the East side of Baranof Island.  The snow is almost all melted off the tops.

We pulled into Red Bluff Bay and dropped our 2 shrimp pots just inside the entrance in 350ft of water.  Steve and Kim Oberto on their big trawler Maximo came into the Bay right behind us.  Steve gave us some good tips on where to catch King Salmon close by. We are on our way to Petersburg but couldn’t pass up this beautiful bay.

The next morning, we hauled out pots and had 54 good sized prawns.  After exiting the bay, we dropped our heavy halibut line and pulled up a 15# chicken halibut.  
We aren’t going to starve!
Here is our catch for just the past 3 days.

One 34inch King Salmon minus body

54 Prawns minus heads, plus Sharry with head

One 15# Chicken (small) Halibut

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