The Best of Youth

The Best of Youth

Jabor, Jaliut Atoll, RMI


February 22, 2010

When we arrived in Jabor, we had still had our three packages, which had been mailed to Majuro from family in the US, to deliver to the World Teach people in Jaliut. The first person we met upon going ashore was Sylvester Amram, the Associate Mayor. Sylvester promptly took us to the South Islands High School (the only High School in all of the South Islands), where all of the students live in dormitories on campus. We left our packages; two would be sent back to Majuro to be delivered to Milimili by someone going there by plane or by boat, and one to be delivered to Jaliutjaliut (aka Jaliut2), about ten miles away at the furthest end of the island. We were relieved to leave the packages in good hands.

While we were at the High School we just happened to meet two remarkable young men, recent graduates of Dartmouth, who were teaching at the high school for a year. Peter Shellito from Boston was teaching Physics, and Morgan Cawdrey from Montana was teaching English. We wanted to learn more about life on Jaliut, so we invited them to Starr to have dinner with us.

Peter bakes bread a couple of times a week, so he brought a loaf of bread that had just finished rising and we baked it on board. We gave the guys a beer, and fed them a prawn and pasta dinner, finished with my last batch of freshly baked “Brookie cookies”. The conversation was even better than the food. We learned about the students: where they came from, what they wanted from life, and the prospects for the their future.

The next morning, while Don began to organize the “Water Maker Project”, I went back to the High School to see if I could sit in on a class. The timing was such that Peter had the period off, but I sat in on Morgan’s English Reading class. The students were alert and attentive and seemed to be very interested in the lesson of the day, which included a segment of The Planet Earth. The part about penguins, and another about polar bears especially fascinated the students.

Peter with students

Morgan with students

Peter and Morgan were an inspiration for me; they embody the spirit of young people who flocked to the Peace Corps when we were their age. Peter and Morgan and the many World Teach people we met in the Marshall Islands are giving something back to the world. They really care.

If you want to lean more about Peter and Morgan go to:

Also, Morgan’s mother is a well-known artist in Montana

World Teach volunteers were everywhere we went in the Marshall Islands. We met a 50+ year old World Teach person in Jaliut, and were told about other people, 60+ years old, currently volunteering with World Teach.

If you might be interested in volunteer Teaching somewhere in the world, go to http://

“Youth knows no Age”

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  • nancy cawdrey
    Posted at 14:41h, 03 April Reply

    So the Brookies Cookies dough…is it from Bigfork, Montana where we have a little bakery coffee shop of that name? Now THAT would be quite a coincidence…or NOT! Thanks in any case for treating the young fellas to a wonderful evening. Nancy Cawdrey

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