Taiohae, Nuku Hiva – Wednesday, 23 May to Saturday, 26 May 2001

Taiohae, Nuku Hiva – Wednesday, 23 May to Saturday, 26 May 2001

There are many more boats at Taiohae on our return

We flew back to Nuku Hiva, leaving Seattle on Wednesday morning, 23 May. Our good friends Chuck and Carol Worst returned with us. We also bring back with us a new exhaust pipe for Michael and Joanne Grey on destiny. It’s a long trip back: five and a half hours from Seattle to Hawaii; a five and a half hour layover in Honolulu; a five and a half hour flight from Honolulu to Tahiti; an eight hour overnight in Papeete; and finally early the next morning, a three hour flight to Nuku Hiva. Once we were back on Nuku Hiva we had to take a two hour taxi ride the 18 km across the island to Taiohae where Starr was anchored. It was quite a sight to top the ridge before heading down to Taiohae and see fifty sailboats in the bay. When we left there were only about twenty. The “waves” of sailboats traveling together from Mexico or the Galapagoes had arrived. We were thankful that we had made landfall March 31 in Nuku Hiva and “beat the crowd”. We had the good fortune to enjoy the Northern islands for the month of April in relative peace and tranquility.

back and already we have ad a good first day: coffee on the flying bridge as the sun comes up, to town to show Chuck and Carol the sights, buy seed necklaces at the Friday morning craft fair, to bank to change money, visit with Rose Corsar and say “goodbye”. In the afternnon we fuel Starr; we take on 4000 liters at $0.57/liter (fuel in Papeete is $0.50/liter). It is sunny and hot and feels good to be back.

Saturday morning we go the market to buy live lobster (8 huge lobsters for $13,000 pf/ about $100 US) and fresh veggies, hit the boulangerie for fresh bread by 0600 and by 0830 headed off for our favorite place, Hakahau on Ua Poe.

Sharry with her favorite lady tiki in Taiohae

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