Taiohae, Nuku Hiva – Saturday, 28 April to Monday, 30 April 2001

Taiohae, Nuku Hiva – Saturday, 28 April to Monday, 30 April 2001

View of Taiohae

We head back to Taiohae, arriving before noon. When Don goes ashore to sign in with the Gendarmerie, he meets Seattle Yacht Club members, Michael and Joanne Grey on Destiny and invites them to dinner. We enjoy getting to know them.

The next Morning we go, first to the Catholic Church at 0800, and then to the Protestant Church at 0930. The Protestant church has a very small congregation and they are very happy for us to attend their church. We decide, however, that the music at the Catholic Church is better.

In the afternoon Don and I row the dory out to the Sentinals at the entrance to the harbor and on the way back are followed by a shark. It is very creepy and too much like Jaws, to have a shark fin zigging and zagging behind the boat for the short time that it followed us. With the oars splashing, it probably thought that we were some injured critter, and a new delicacy that it wanted to sample for dinner. Too bad shark, you’ll have to look for dinner somewhere else..

Monday morning is spent taking care of business before we fly to Papeete the next day, on our return to Seattle. I visit Air Tahiti in order to sort out our return tickets and also secure tickets for Chuck and Carol Worst to return with us and for Pete and Cathy Trogdon to meet us in Rangiroa in late June. Don goes with Michael and Joanne while they try to get the exhaust manifold for their generator repaired. Little did we know that we would get to know that exhaust manifold very well before we return to Nuku Hiva from Seattle. Back on Starr, I work on the website trying to get as much done as possible before we leave Taiohae on Monday.

Mama & baby after church in Taiohae

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