Taiohae, Nuku Hiva – Friday, 06 April 2001

Taiohae, Nuku Hiva – Friday, 06 April 2001

Daniel with fruit for us

Daniel has been living in Hakatea, aka Daniel’s Bay, for most of his life. He and his wife, Antoinette are the friends of yachting folk from all parts of the world. We went ashore to say “hello” and to search Daniel’s Log Books for the July 15, 1978 entry of Charles and Patty Hathaway, who sailed here so many years ago on Tiare with family and friends. We found their entry on page two of Daniel’s Log Book #1. Starr signed in on one of the last pages of Log Book #4. As the Log Books evolved, instead of a one-line entry, Yachts would fill a whole page with pictures and notes about themselves and their journey.

Daniel is now 73 years old. People do not age well here in the Marquesas. He told us that they had had to live in Taiohae for nine months this last year, because Antoinette had been in the hospital (she has a bad hip and cannot walk). He asked us if we had any Ibuprofen. We went back to the boat and brought him a Costco size bottle of Ibuprofen and he gave us limes, pompamous and offered us bananas. When we asked if there was anything else that they needed, they told us that Antoinette liked “cocola”. We asked “Coco Cola”? No, not “Coco Cola” and Daniel searched for the word in English. Finally we understood: Antoinette likes “chocolate”. We promised to return with chocolates for Antoinette. We questioned the advisability of our doing this as each of them has only a few teeth left, but why not?

Daniel and Antoinette have been greeting yachts at Daniel’s Bay on Nuku Hiva since the early 1980’s

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