StarrBlog – Life on Starr

StarrBlog – Life on Starr

Day 16

10/1900Z/0900Hawaii Time

21degrees 37N/149degrees 15W

DTG (Distance to Go) – 476nm

TTG (Time to Go) – 2.2days

We will arrive in Honolulu sometime Monday early afternoon; we should begin to show on Vessel Marine Traffic on Sunday.


24 hour-days become long, and if we are fortunate tedious. Don and I have always said that “a boring passage is a good passage”.

We each do a three-hour watch during the day, and a three-hour watch at night. My watch is from 0900-1200 and 2100-2400.

I LOVE my night watch; I love the silence with just the sound of the wind and waves and the boat moving through the water,

AND, if we are lucky, watching the gazillions of stars in the night sky.


The four of us each stand 3 hour watches/ 3 on and 9 off. You might think we would be bored out of our skulls but you know what? We aren’t! We do fill in for whoever is on watch from time to time so that person can do engine room checks, cook a meal or whatever.


Here are a few pictures that help tell our story:

Don talking on the Iridium phone
Don checking weather
Don fixing things
Sharry baking bread
Doug Cole cooking dinner
Doug MacQuarrie baked a pie
Don doing his morning exercises
DougCole doing engine check
Another fine dinner
End of Day
  • Dean Stabbert
    Posted at 18:09h, 10 October Reply

    SUBJECT: RE: StarrBlog – Life on Starr
    Thanks Aunty Sherri,
    But Night watch or day- I just loved being out there and miss something terribly {as well as homesick} it’s tough being so far from home for so long- everyone forgets I exist.
    Dean H. Stabbert

  • Chris Clothier
    Posted at 20:46h, 10 October Reply

    SUBJECT: RE: *** SPAM ***Starr Blog – Life on Starr

    A warm aloha,

    Looking forward to your arrival!!

    Thanks for the heads up

    Chris Clothier

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