Starr Refit Blog #4 – It’s Been a Very Good Week!

Starr Refit Blog #4 – It’s Been a Very Good Week!

It’s Been a Very Good Week!

Week of October 13-18, 2013

Last Sunday I brought Starr back across the Ballard Ship Canal to SBMC, from the boathouse where we started our work in preparation to hauling out at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard (PacFish).

 Oct. 12 – We moved from the boathouse at Ballard Mill Marina to SBMC, all of 500 feet across the canal!

Starr at dock at SBMC

The back deck “part” (the formwork for the top deck extension)

 Oct. 14– We moved to PacFish, another 1000 foot voyage!

At PacFish, Starr is ready to haul out.

Oct. 15 – Starr is hauled out at PacFish

Al Brands, our PacFish Dockmaster

Pacific Fisherman Shipyard is a fishermen owned co-op. It has a colorful history and a very experienced team, primarily doing wood and steel boat repair. The Norwester and most of the other “Deadliest Catch” fleet have their work done at PacFish.

There are 400 shares of ownership in the yard. If you look on their website at the “Lost Shareholders” names, you would think we were in Norway; that’s why some call Ballard “Little Norway”.

Starr Blocked up

Starr’s new home for the next few months

Oct. 16 – We set up a16 ft high scaffold, pulled the twin rudders, trimmed back the lower deck rail flanges, and cut back top deck core to the lower FRP skin.

The scaffolding is completed

 The rudders are off

Dave Schmidt pulling prop

We have had numerous conversations over the last couple of weeks with Steve Seaton, Starr’s original designer, going over the various design options. Steve has a great eye for the right lines, which is what we have always loved about Starr.

Steve Seaton at his office in Florida

Oct. 17 – We are emptying the lazerett of the furnace, rudder assembly, and shore power transformers in preparation to cutting out the transom.

Removing Shorepower Transformers and Steering Gear

I met with Neil Gibbons from Teak Decking Systems in Florida, who was measuring for new teak decks. 

Neil Gibbons, Teak Decking Systems

Al Brands, our dock master at PacFish, checking on some details.

Al Brands

Oct. 18 – Dan Lebo and Bill Kennedy, owners of All Points Marine, are doing the fiberglass work and painting. 

Randy and Dana cut a new top deck drain path into bulwarks. The new cutout will give us 10 sq. in. of downspout, as compared to our previous 1 sq. in.

Top deck drain running down Bulwarks

The Bulwark cutout

Dana Lebo cutting off the Transom

We cut off the Transom in preparation for the 2 ft swim step extension. The transom fiberglass measured from ¾ inch to 2 inches in thickness….It is built “hell for stout”.

Transom sections

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