South Pacific

After completing our passage thru the Marquesas to NewZealand we realized that we went thru the islands too quickly so we made the 3700nm return slog from NZ back to the Marquesas and did all of the outlying islands much more slowly.
TuamotusThe Tuamotus, also referred to in English as the Tuamotu Archipelago or the Tuamotu Islands, are a French Polynesian chain of almost 80 islands and atolls forming the largest chain of atolls in the world. This archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean stretches from the northwest to the southeast over an area roughly the size of Western Europe. The total area of land within this chain is, with its major islands being Anaa, Fakarava, Hao and Makemo.More at Wikipedia Location:Pacific OceanArchipelago:PolynesiaTotal islands:78To view blog articles click here