Refit Blog #8 – The "Boatyard Blues"

Refit Blog #8 – The "Boatyard Blues"

Starr Refit Blog #8 – Week 8

Week of November 11-15 – I have the “Boat Yard Blues”

We are at a stage where things are moving more slowly. Right now everything is all torn up, and

the interior and exterior of Starr are a real mess. It’s just the way it goes and I have the Boatyard Blues”.

I am really looking forward to the point when we will have the exterior ready for painting.

Dana Lebo and his crew worked on adding the three layers of coring to the top deck,

and prepared the transom for glassing.

Beveling the edge of core to mate with the next section

Pablo bedding the core at the junction of old top deck and the new section

Meanwhile I’m working inside Starr, changing out all of the wheelhouse electronics.

I’m a Furuno proponent. I want to use the new Furuno TZT system, but was disappointed

to learn that the TZT wouldn’t run on two or three completely separate screens.

That meant that if we wanted to run the Plotter, the Radar, and the Sounder all at the same time,

we would either have to have all systems sharing one screen or else buy two or three

complete TZT systems.

Fortunately, I was able to talk to Aaron Smith, Senior Technical Associate at S3 Maritime.

Aaron has a solution that allows the TZT to run two,

or even three screens, each screen showing a different function: one screen with the Plotter,

one with the 6kw Radar, and one with the new Chirp Sounder. 

The link is too long to fit in this blog, so for more information search for: 



Aaron doing the electronics layout

Aaron’s quick “back of the napkin” design sketch

What is really interesting is that the Furuno experts weren’t aware of this solution; it pays to do business with the Best!

If any of you boat guys need technical advice on your electronics, I would highly recommend talking to Aaron.

You can reach him by calling S3 Maritime at 206-420-4932 or, Aaron can be contacted directly at 206 484 7914.

Aaron says, “It’s all in how you integrate it!”

Meanwhile inside Starr, Randy, Dave and I are replacing all of the Aqua Air heat and air conditioning

system with Northern Light’s Technicold System.

The salon cabinet prior to disassembly

The cabinet ready for new air-handler

The old air-handlers were corroded from the salt air

We have replaced all six air-handlers. In a couple of rooms I have completely relocated the units

to create easy access to make maintenance easier.

Randy re-installing a unit

The new Technicold air-handler

After Randy puts the Salon cabinet back together it looks as good as new.

The pilot house: what a mess!

The wheelhouse dashboard has been removed for rebuilding

The dash is ready to go to Randy’s shop to be rebuilt

The new dash will have a backing, so that all of the flat screens will be flush with the face panel. 


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  • Brian O'Neill
    Posted at 20:53h, 25 November Reply

    Great progress on Starr and good to see you last night.

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