Passage to Hawaii

Passage to Hawaii


10 April 10, 2011,0400Z

26 22N/144 46E

We are 700nm SE of Ashiya. Yesterday at 0200JST, we pulled into Chichijima 27N/142E., 600nm from Ashiya and re topped off, loading an additional 2700 liters of fuel.

We departed Chichijima at 1500JST, 13hrs later. Currently we are 150nm ESE of Chichijima. Our next way point is 25N/160E with 3162nm left to Hawaii.


Notes from crew:

This is Jean & Gary.

We are with a great crew having a great time cruising on Starr. In Chichijima, crew almost went AWOL. It is an island of paradise with a lot of history that we will most defiantly be returning to visit.

Gary’s and my watch are 0900-1200 and 2100-2400. Sunsets and the stars are beautiful and we had dolphins escorting us yesterday. Starr is handling the seas beautifully, however the barometer is falling. Stay tuned.

Jean & Gary Coard

p.s. just saw 2 whales, the weather is getting warm and we are counting the days to dance the hula.

This is Viktor

Aside from my watches at 1200 and 0000, I’ve been focused on building forms and spreadsheets to track and calculate our fuel consumption and estimate our distance to go. We calculate our MPG (miles per gallon,) to ensure that we will arrive in Hawaii with plenty of fuel in reserve. As part of that, I update our fuel burn, DTG (distance to go,) and TTB (Time To Beer.) Starr is a dry boat on a passage, so TTB is the same as the better known TTG (time to go) for our arrival in Hawaii.

Viktor Grabner

This is DAVE.

Starr is a wonderful vessel to cruise on. It is very quiet and with the active stabilizer fins, a very comfortable ride compared to tugs ! The crew is great, the atmosphere relaxing and food is always superb. Having fun ! DAVE

From Sharry:

Blue skies and sunshine during the day; waxing moon and the brightest stars at night. Compatible crew and NICE people!! I am now caught up on my sleep, almost finished reading my first book and only 24 days to go!!!
  • Brenda
    Posted at 19:09h, 11 April Reply

    Mom and Gary – Brenda home safe from 2 weeks working in Athens, Greece. Have caught up with where/what STARR is doing. Be safe, have fun! Love ya B.

  • Barbara Lee
    Posted at 19:25h, 11 April Reply

    SUBJECT: RE: Passage to Hawaii – Part 1


    We love the blogs. We are looking forward to seeing your videos and pictures. Think of “Deadliest Catch” and most of the videos are taken at sea.

    I guess if you had to stop again for more fuel you could go to the Marshall Islands?

    When I sailed (on a sailboat) from Costa Rica to the Galapagos, I requested the 0000 – 0400 watch. I loved it! Somehow watching the sun go down made me nervous. But when I came up for my 0000 watch the sky was unbelievable! We often had albatross flying in the pull of the jib, and illuminated by the running lights.

    Barbara Lee

  • Vic Lafrank
    Posted at 19:30h, 11 April Reply

    If memory serves, Chichijima (sp?) is the island that was attacked by President George H W Bush when he was a young ensign, way back when. He was shot down and bailed out over the water. The Japanese dispatched a boat to capture him, but a US Navy submarine surfaced nearby and picked him up first. Would love to hear more about the history of that island.

  • David Coard
    Posted at 19:49h, 11 April Reply

    Hello from Saint Joseph Michigan. It’s been fun monitoring Starr’s progress. Enjoy the ride!

  • Diane Grabner
    Posted at 00:18h, 12 April Reply

    My thoughts are with all of you on this exciting journey to Hawaii. I look forward to the updates and Viktor I’m marking the chart in the office with a dot every morning and evening! Hugs, Diane

  • roy palmer
    Posted at 10:21h, 17 April Reply

    Sharry, just started reading Starr blogs and note you like to read, would recommend a kindle from Amazon. bought two last xmas, for wife and her mother they now save a fortune on written books and can chose with mood. very easy to download and many are free. although don’t consider less than £1.00 gb or less expensive for most other titles. beats £5/6 plus for paperbacks, and downloadable almost antwhere in the world just wish they would introduce a usb model as mom in law keeps running out even with this and can’t download cos she doesn’t have wifi or able to access locally.seems stupid to me what happens when wifi

  • Jan and Tom White
    Posted at 00:33h, 18 April Reply

    Hope all is well with the great crew on Starr. Would love to hear more from what is happening. Hi to Gary and Jean

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