Passage to Hawaii -We are at the International Dateline

Passage to Hawaii -We are at the International Dateline

21 April, 2000Z, We are at the International Dateline.

Pos 22 12N/180E/W

Nm run since Ashiya 2820Nm, 16 days running so far.

Distance left to go to Honolulu, 1230Nm. 6 plus days left to finish.

The generator only ran 17 total hours during the first 15 days.

Due to the temperature and humidity, we have started the genset so we can have A/C and more comfort for sleeping.

We have been carefully monitoring our fuel burn and this run has defiantly given us more accurate data for running W to E against the weather. We use 3 separate metering devices, which are two Great Plains Industries. 03 series, electronic digital meters plus a FloScan gallon per hour and total gallons used meter. One of our tasks has been to properly document and calibrate the error factors for each of these units. Having the 4 IBC’s with 1000 liters each gave us a good calibrating tool.

Our next task was to record fuel efficiency against adverse wind, wave and current.

Some conditions had the wind occasionally 25kts, and wave over 8ft. At times the boat would almost stop. The slowest speed noticed was down to 1.5kts. In conditions like that we would pull back the rpm’s to around 1200. To push any harder was just a waste of fuel. During the first 1500Nm we encountered more adverse current than the current charts were showing and our average SOG was around 6+ kts. We are now making over 8kts, still with 6-14kt breeze on our nose and obviously the current has let go of us. A few minutes ago we did a 180 turn to check the impact of the current and not to our surprise found it is slightly with us…I’d say 0.5kts with us. YEAH!!

For those who may be interested I ‘m attaching our fuel calculations The cumbersome line by line, hour by hour,gallon by gallon is mine. The cool graphic one is Viktor Grabner’s; Viktor is a computer wiz and he’s going to teach me how to do those graphs . I can tell you that this is not the place to be creative in telling our fuel use numbers. We are not at the yacht club dock spinning yarns. It is just too darn far to get to Hawaii by paddling this baby.

We are enjoying the SOG 8.6kt ride we have right now because it may get a little nasty around the 26th, with NE 20kts of wind and lots of fetch.

—> Starr Fuel Transfer Log

—> Starr Fuel Burn Down

Stay tuned..

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