Passage to Guam

Passage to Guam

Saturday March 27 (Friday in US) – 0700 GMT

10degrees N/151degrees 23E

Wind E25 knots/ Wave NE 2-3 meters

Bearing 295M

7521nm logged since departing Seattle

We are about halfway to Guam.

We departed Pohnpei Thursday morning at 0900 FSM time (GMT + 11hrs/a day later than Seattle). The Naiad heat exchanger is on and doing its job after 3 full flushings of new oil to get the sea water out of the system. All machinery is running like it’s supposed to…

We usually run at 1350-1500 rpm and get 8kts of boat speed, but we are pushing the engine up to 1600rpm with the goal of beating a front coming to Guam late Monday with N-NE winds of 30-40kts.

For the fist 400km we had up to 1kt of equatorial counter current against us, but now we have it with us and are averaging about 9.5kts and occasionally hit 10kts on the front side of a wave. We expect to arrive in Guam by Monday early afternoon.

Sharry is in the salon with her headphones on studying Japanese using her Rosetta Stone program, oblivious of the waves and spray going over the starboard rail and hitting the window next to her. A focused student!

In Pohnpei we put 42lbs of fresh tuna in the frig and freezer, so today’s lunch will be tuna fish sandwiches, Last night we ate grilled tuna teriyaki (with warm sea water running over my feet up to my ankles as I grilled because the decks were awash). The night before we ate tuna sashimi, and we are not tired of tuna yet! When we are we can always catch a mahi-mahi.

Life is good!

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  • Ken Williams
    Posted at 11:27h, 01 April Reply

    Well,hi there. Been enjoying your emails, but only now went to the blog site and see how to comment!
    Glad all is going well. We’re getting more requests to show our Turkey and Greece slideshow; love these great adventures!

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