Our 4th day out

Our 4th day out

Monday February 1, 2010

0600 HST, 1600Z.


Today is our 4th day out.

I’m on watch with the wheelhouse doors open, music playing and the moon going down.

Mary Utley just went off watch and went below to join Dave, her husband, and get some shuteye. The most noise is the sound of the wave wash against the hull with the comforting low hum of the single main engine barley heard.

The sea is like a millpond with an 8-10 foot NW swell at 10 second interval, a low 4-6 ft E swell and East wind at 5-10 Knots. Air temperature 79 degrees.

Our speed was slower for the few days due to a 1\2 knot current against us, when we expected a ½ knt with us, but now it is favorable and we are making closer to 9 knts Maybe the counter current was leftover from the big storm in the North. We are 580 miles out of Honolulu and about 140km from Johnston Atoll. We laid a course to go close to Johnston Atoll, thinking we could do a “point of refuge stop” and “fix the whatchama-call it”. Johnston is a National Wildlife Refuge and you aren’t allowed access there without a permit, unless of course you have an emergency. Unfortunately we will pass by after the sun is too low to safely enter for refuge so we altered course for a rumb line to Majuro, Marshall Island’s capital about 1400nm ahead.

On another note: I need some outside consulting. Do I leave my hair long or do I submit to a butch cut which will be more appropriate in the heat but my head will burn easier?

Your thoughts?

  • Ken Williams
    Posted at 22:25h, 01 February Reply

    Leave your hair long – you’ll look more like the free spirit that you are.

    Marlene & Doug

  • Diana
    Posted at 01:43h, 09 February Reply

    Don —
    I see that just as in our family your question regarding haircuts was rhetorical. Captain nemo gets scalped.

    You all look great; congratulations on a safe passage. Hugs to Mary Alice and Brian.

    Diana and Jim

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