[MVStarr] We Are Back Home at SBMC

[MVStarr] We Are Back Home at SBMC

Starr departed Kaneohe, Oahu on Friday April 10 and Arrived home at Salmon Bay Marine Center on Saturday morning April 23.

Details of the Passage: 13 days

Distance – 2430.nm

Hours running time: 313 hrs

Genset hours, 169 hrs

SOG average -7 .75 kn

Fuel – 1.15 g/nm

(This is higher fuel consumption than normal. Our standard cruising speed is 1450 rpm; 5 of 13 days,we ran at 1600 rpm in order to help drive into heavy head seas.)

Part I – Fixing Things: We hurried home in order to be ready to host Suma Yacht Club for Opening Day at Seattle Yacht Club on May 7, but we had some work to do to get Starr ready.

1. Locate and repair the water leak into our main guest stateroom:

Lexan Cover on Portlight
Don built a dam against the stateroom’s port light and flooded it slowly with a hose until the source of the leak became apparent.

Don built a dam
Port light pad eye that caused the leak
The water test showed that a stainless steel pad eye was poorly bedded. When we did the refit, we used Sikaflex 291 bedding rather than 3M 5200.

We had also used fine threaded screws that were too small. After the water test Don removed all 14 pad eyes, cleaned them off, roughed them up with course sandpaper to give more tooth, re-bedded them with 5200, and then used #12 self tapping screws.

When Don turned the boat around to re-bred the starboard pad eyes he found that we were missing the 5 ft x 1ft x1/2 inch Lexan port light storm cover. YES, we had it on when we departed Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Missing the storm cover and 4 of 6 padeyes on the starboard portlight .
There is a 6-inch vertical scratch just below the front of the storm cover which suggests that we might have hit something that caused us to lose the stormcover.
2. Diagnosis of unfamiliar noise coming from the prop shaft:

While turning the boat around Don noticed a noise from the propeller. Upon inspecting the propeller and shaft, we found that the Spur F2 line cutting V block was torn apart. http://www.spursmarine.com

We had picked up nets in the prop twice on our passage home, but what is confusing is that the cutting blades on the Spurs don’t have any nicks nor do they show any other damage. We identified the problem, but will have to replace the broken holding block and the spur assembly when we haul out in the Fall.

Trashed V block- missing a ½” thick section
The divers from Emerald City Diving
Then we spent a lot of time Cleaning and Polishing to be ready for the Main Event!

Part II – The Main Event: Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day with our friends from Suma Yacht Club It was as glorious day in Seattle on Saturday, May 7.

Sharry, Azusa (our Japanese daughter), Donna (Don’s sister), Captain Don
Summa YC Commodore Kodera driving Starr
Having a lot of Fun!

Everybody Wave
Summa YC decorated Boat – Escape to Kobe
Azusa with her new friends Erico and Kentaro
The Little Captain
Picture Time
A Boatload of Happy People


    Posted at 23:38h, 08 May Reply

    SUBJECT: RE: [MVStarr] We Are Back Home at SBMC

    Don & Sharry: Congratulations on yet another successful voyage. Your Opening Day photos show that (as usual) both of you do not show any signs of “weathering” as the rest of us “old farts”.
    Hope we can connect sometime this Summer when we travel to Sequim to deal with our rental there. Eileen is recovering nicely from hip replacement surgery done just last week. With her hip replacement accomplished we are looking forward to being able to get some short cruises aboard the Max Grody II before the trip to Sequim as I finish teaching by June 15th.
    Don: Very interesting about the missing storm cover. Given the head seas you pounded into, the impact of even a relatively small object coupled with the force of the impacting wave could exert sufficient force to break the storm cover.
    I have always thought about getting Spurs on the Max G. and after your recent passage I will install a set when I haul out this fall. I am getting too old to have to dive and untangle/cut away fouled nets etc..
    Really liked the photos of your Japanese guests. The friendships & relationships created through “messin around in boats” is remarkable. Again: Voyage well done and welcome home. Peter & Eileen S.V. Max Grody II

  • Douglas McClaflin
    Posted at 00:44h, 09 May Reply

    SUBJECT: Re: [MVStarr] We Are Back Home at SBMC

    Welcome back! Opening day looks familiar.
    Regards, Doug

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  • Tad Lhamon
    Posted at 09:04h, 09 May Reply

    SUBJECT: RE: [MVStarr] We Are Back Home at SBMC

    Don and Sharry — What a story; looks like Starr can take it, as we knew already. Glad you made it back in good shape and the pics of opening day just prove that! Thinking of you as we sail north from Cape May, NJ into NYC area. Tad and Joyce

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  • Fred Fink
    Posted at 12:56h, 20 May Reply

    SUBJECT: Appreciate hearing / learning

    Welcome back! I appreciate hearing about your trips. It is not often that I can learn about equipment under real use. I think the happiest boaters are ones that think “what will fail” not “if something will fail”.


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