Mili Atoll, Marshall Islands

Mili Atoll, Marshall Islands

Mili Atoll, Marshall Islands


February 19, 2110

It is too windy to go to the Village of Milimili; we are unable to deliver the US Mail

Mili is an aqua colored lagoon, surrounded by reefs and obstacles, within a large atoll 88nm south of Majuro. The village, 14nm from Acharan Passage is called Milimili. We anchored, tucked within several reefs, off two islands about 7nm from the village. It took us 2 hours after entering the pass, to find this somewhat protected spot to anchor.

We brought two packages from Majuro to take to the World Teach teachers in the village, but we can’t deliver them. The wind is from the NE, blowing a minimum of 25knts and the fetch creates seas that make it unsafe to take either Starr or the tender to the village, which is 7nm downwind from where we are anchored. There is no safe anchorage for Starr off the village, and if we could take the tender we would have to run it up on the beach at full speed like they do with a panga in Mexico (I don’t think so). No one in the village can come to us to pick up the package because they currently don’t have any fuel for their outboards. We consider delivering the package to three guys on an atoll close by who are harvesting coconuts for copra, but they don’t seem to speak English. We finally made contact by radio with someone in the village and they tell us that they will come to Starr to get the package, but no one ever shows up and by then it is too late to take the package into the copra guys because the tide has gone down and now there is a reef between us and the beach. We never deliver the package, but take it with us to Jaliut where we have two more packages to deliver. What would be a simple task most other places in the world becomes very complicated here; this is a very remote place.

We anchored behind a reef that extended from the island on our port side a good one-half mile off our starboard side.
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