Messing About in Boats 6/18/2016 09:16

Messing About in Boats 6/18/2016 09:16

I am going to do a series of blog additions about some of the fun things I have done on Starr.

MV Starr
My brother-in-law reminded me of a time when I was about 10 years old. I took a 4×8 sheet of plywood, nailed 2 x 6 sides on it with a slightly raked bow, and then put a five horse Johnson outboard on it and that was my hydroplane.

We have now had Starr for 16 years and I still am having fun cobbling up gadgets, tools, and devices to make cruising on Starr more fun.

I’m going to post some of the changes I have made since we purchased Starr in September 2000.

Sub-Zero Door closing controller-2016

Combination Dive/Swim/Fish Cleaning Table with – Audible Fish-on-the Line Alarm – 2015

– Top Deck drain modifications – 2014

– Stern Swim Step extension – 2013-14

– Top Deck extension – 2014

Novurania Cradle and Storage Unit – 2002

Kayak Lifting and Storage Rack – 2001

– Twin Rudders on a single screw – 2000

– Small Tool Devices- 2000-2016

New projects under consideration:

How to design and install ultrasonic distance measuring from starboard and port aft-quarter to floats/docks and the Ballard locks wall.

These distance measurements will optimally show up on my existing Axis starboard and port side deck cameras.

A simplified at-anchor flopper-stopper launching and retrieval system. The process that Sharry and I currently use is not safe. I am following Ken Williams current addition of active TRAC at-anchor stabilizers on Sans Souci, and if he’s happy with them then maybe we would add them to Starr…..?

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    The measuring equipment of the Starboard and Port rear quarters to the dock, would have a high degree of interest to me. On BLAZE II, the helm is in the middle on the fly bridge. To Med-tie, without three people was almost impossible, one on the helm and one crew on each corner calling out distances. Sometimes very confusing.
    With the accurate distance measuring, I think you could do it with only two people.
    PS: I love tinkering with boats!


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    INGENIUS ! Don, you”ve outdone yourself with your Wizardry…aloha, Tracey Worth 😉

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    Thanks for the Blog.
    How fun it is to see you guys at your best creating improvements and dreaming how to make things better. What’s that old saying “If you stop getting better you cease being good”. After time aboard with you guys it’s easy to appreciate how much pure joy you bring to your passion and what a great team you make.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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