Hooumi at Controller Bay, Nuku Hiva – Monday, 09 April 2001

Hooumi at Controller Bay, Nuku Hiva – Monday, 09 April 2001

The Aranui entering Anaho Bay (with Starr)

The Arunui left Sunday night, so we have the bay to ourselves again. Rob and Donna don diving gear and wash the bottom of the boat, which gathers ‘growies’ quickly in the warm 86 degree tropical water. When they are finished, I try out my diving gear. The last time I did scuba diving was in the Caribbean in 1976 and my skills are a little rusty. I took Scuba classes and passed my pool class and test for certification last July, but never completed the open water dive. I decided to finish Scuba Diving Certification somewhere in French Polynesia in warm water, instead of cold, dark Puget Sound with thirty other people from my class. I play with my BC and check buoyancy, practice surface dives and hand signals. Finally, I go under with Rob, and practice removing and replacing my mask. All goes well until I forget to breath. Since I am only six feet under water, this is not serious. I surface, go back down and do it again, and again. OK, I think I’ve got it! The visibility in the water is minimal in the Marquesas, due to the amount of sediment in the water. The diving isn’t as good here as it will be in the Tuomotos and the Society Islands, but it is fun to practice and Rob is a good teacher. After lunch we run to Hooumi at Controller Bay, about half way back to Taiohae.

View of Anaho Bay

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