Hane, Ua Huka – Tuesday, 24 and Wednesday 25 April 2001

Hane, Ua Huka – Tuesday, 24 and Wednesday 25 April 2001

No pictures of Hane, so Don launching the kayak rack

We leave Hakahetau at 0600 to head to the island of Ua Huka where we have been told there are many excellent artists. We have been looking forward to seeing “the best museum in the Marquesas”, an arboretum of experimental trees and plants, and ride horseback on the track from Hane to Vaipaee.

We have a rough passage and when we arrive we check out all three possible harbors and all have a great deal of surge. After an aborted attempt to anchor in the “hidden harbor” of Vaipaee, a narrow harbor of tall stone walls, we go to Hane and anchor for the night. All night we rock and roll. It is so rough that we decide to call the night a “passage”, instead of an anchorage. We maintain an anchor watch and drag anchor; the sound of the anchor crunching over rocks contributes to keeping us awake most of the night. In the morning it is too rough to take the dingy ashore to land on the beach. The surf is pounding. We decide to call it and pull anchor and head back to Ua Pou. So much for Ua Huka. We planned to return later but we never do make it back.

No photos for Ua Huka, so Don with bananas

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