Hakahetau, Ua Pou – Sunday, 22 and Monday, 23 April 2001

Hakahetau, Ua Pou – Sunday, 22 and Monday, 23 April 2001

Kids swimming at Hakahetau

After Christian and Katherine leave we take Starr to Pascal’s village of Hakahetau. Pascal, his girlfriend Sandrine, and his two year old daughter Pootu are all waving to us from tthe quay when we arrive. We go ashore and Pascal gives us a tour of his village. Walking about, we meet Pascal’s father, the mayor and almost everyone in the village.

Monday morning Don and I launch the dory in order to row up the coast to check out some caves we saw on our way to Hakahetau. Before we leave we see Pascal, Sandrine and Pootu waving to us from the quay. They have come to invite us all to their home for dinner that evening. We tell him that we were coming ashore to find them and invite them all to Starr for lunch. They accept and so do we. We have a most social day. Don and I finish the afternoon by snorkeling about the bay in the 85 degree water oogling the little fishes.

In the evening we have a wonderful Marquesean dinner in the home of Pascal and Sandrine. . By watching Sandrine cook, we learn how to make coconut milk, how to cook breadfruit and leave with Sandrine’s recipe for manioc cake. Yummy! The evening would not be complete without the Marquesean exchange of gifts: we bring a box of chocolates, nail polish and lipstick for Sandrine, and colored pencils and English language flashcards for Pootu. Donna and I receive seed necklaces with matching bracelet; Don, a beautiful cowrie shell; and Rob, a carved bowl. Before we leave Pascal gives us copies of text about Marquesean legends and history.

Pascal, Sandrine & Pootu at the quay in Hakaheta, Ua Pou

Pascal teaching the boys the Pig Dance at an ancient tohua site

A Marquesean lunch in Hakatao village

Home in Hakatao where we had lunch

Lady on horseback in Hakatao village, Ua Pou

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