Yesterday we explored some awesome hidey holes here in the sound. Our guide book said that a couple of the coves in Jackpot Bay are cruiser favorites, and we had to check them out.

We also decided it was time to do some shrimping and fussed around for an hour setting our two pots in 300 feet of water outside the bay. The pots, line, clips, and buoys were all new equipment Don bought in Dutch Harbor so we had to rig them for the first time. The traps were baited with our yellow eye heads, some cat food, and some commercial shrimp bait, absolutely everything a hungry crustacean could desire.

After setting our traps we idled through the narrows and into Jackpot Bay. Our destination was “29 Fathom Hole”, a half mile diameter harbor connected to the bay by a quarter mile long channel that was never more than 150 feet wide. There was a ninety degree turn in the channel two thirds of the way in, and a seventy five foot wide narrows just at the entrance to the hole. Don crept in slowly and used the bow and stern thrusters to keep us off the stones. It was exhilarating, and once in the hole we had a hard time finding the entrance channel to get back out. The hole was very deep, over 100 feet, and we couldn’t find a good spot to anchor so we went back out the channel and into the next crack in the cliff and into “7 Fathom Hole”. Our cruising guide said that this was a better shallower anchorage and that’s what we found. We spent a quiet and peaceful night there. The entrances to 29 Fathom Hole and 7 Fathom Hole are nearly invisible from the bay. It had to have been pretty exciting when the holes’ discoverers stumbled into them.

This morning we headed out to retrieved our traps. We didn’t exactly hit the mother lode, but there were more than enough shrimp there to make a big meal for four.

Since we entered Prince William Sound five days ago the wind has either been gentle or nonexistent making for safe and comfortable anchorages. Today it is glassy. We’ve had a lot of overcast and some rain, but that’s OK. It is comfortable and cozy aboard Starr even when it is cold and rainy.

Starr is continuing to head north in the sound. Our destination for the day is still to be determined.

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