Guam to Japan

After departing Guam our first stop in Japan was Chichijima. That is the island notorious for the handling of WWII downed US pilots as written about in Flyboys: A True Story of Courage, by James Bradley

We then ran the +-600nm to Tanabe on the Wakayama peninsula and on to Ashiya which is halfway between Kobe and Osaka.

We went south thru the Seto Nakai,

then down thru Kanman Kaiko Starits where the currents can exceed 9 kts and the ship traffic is thick and fast. For you mariners this might be interesting.

We made numerous stops on our way to and from Nagasaki, including Fukuoka, Yobuko, Hirado and then up the Sea of Japan to Hagi and Hamada.  The bulk of our running back and forth was in the Seto Nakai where the chart plotter was one large mishmash with our tracks in red.

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