Getting Cultured

Getting Cultured

On Friday many of the locals we encountered made a big deal about the weather. “We never have two good days in a row!”, most exclaimed. Yesterday the weather returned to normal; gusty winds, rain and fog. A good day for indoor activities. We had saved visiting museums and shopping for when the weather turned, so yesterday was the day.

We spent a couple of hours in the Aleutian Museum before hitting the Aleutian War Museum. Both were interesting, and we got some facts clarified in the War Museum. It turns out Fort Schwatka was the highest COASTAL DEFENSE post in the United States. They need to fix that sign.

There are a couple of really big fishing supply stores here, and they were fun to tour. This is the place to buy your cold weather ocean gear.

Sharry decided to fly out of Dutch Harbor to spend some time with her sister in Seward before the boat gets there, so we had a last supper out on the town last night with the trans-pac crew before she and Kyle departed. Some locals told us the best restaurant in town is in the big hotel so we headed there. It was quite good.

Kyle’s early flight was cancelled this morning due to fog. They rescheduled him on to Sharry’s flight this afternoon. It is still a bit foggy here so they may not make it out. We’ll see. If they do get out, Don, Clay and I will depart aboard Starr later this afternoon for Seward. The current forecast shows good weather all the way there.

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