Dangerous Debris

Dangerous Debris

How do we avoid the dangerous debris from the 3/11 Tsunami?

March 17, 2011

Starr is in Ashiya in the inland sea next to Kobe, and was not impacted by the Tsunami. Our plan has been, and still is, to return to Ashiya at the end of this month, finish fueling and provisioning, and then head out toward Hawaii taking whatever route that seems most prudent.

BT (before tsunami) our course would have been to head in a northeasterly direction, to take advantage of the strong current flowing up the coast past Tokyo and out to sea. As you can imagine, the current stream that we planned on following will now be cluttered with all kinds of debris: partially sunken boats, large fuel tanks (some larger than our boat), tangles of wire and rope attached to floats and who knows what else? This route is obviously now not an option until we are absolutely sure we are well past all of the floating dangers.

The Japan Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department posts daily current and water temperature reports for the waters around their country. Below is the report for March16, 2011.

As can be seen this strong current will most likely be filled with many obstacles to avoid.

If it was necessary to plot a course today, we would probably head almost due east. Stay tuned!
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