Dan Stabbert, 12-22 November 2010

Dan Stabbert, 12-22 November 2010

Our time aboard Starr has been just fantastic. It has been a blending of intimate family time, new experiences, and old stories with a cultural voyage into the hearts and minds of the Japanese people and their rich cultural heritage. Sharry’s passion for Japan and her attention to detail made her the perfect tour guide. Armed with her bus schedule, just the right amount of yen, and six of us in tow, we made a formidable sight. It was great meeting friends they have made along the way in Ashiya with Paul, Emico, and Kazuko. The foods of course were to die for. Our trip to Miyajima was especially unique with our night in the traditional Japanese lodge with its traditional dinner and Japanese baths. My favorite part of the trip after time with family of course was our cruise to Shodoshima. The gumdrop island shapes, warm weather, and small village atmosphere with friendly shopkeepers were great to experience. With the deep red sun setting over the islands we turned the inflatable skiff towards Starr. A warm fall evening, a bottle of sake for dinner cradled in our arms, and the memories of a trip of lifetime logged forever in our minds.

Thank you Don and Sharry for being the adventurous, for choosing a course less traveled, for being family.

Dan Stabbert

Dan on the train in Japan


Dan and Don on the trail to the top of Mt. Misen, Miyajima
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