Typhoon Chaba will arrive on Friday and Saturday, 29-30 October. This is Typhoon #16 in our part of the world. Typhoons don’t get a name unless they grow into big storms and this one is on its way to visit us.

Every morning Don and I get up and check our computers for emails and then go to three websites that track tropical storms and cyclones (typhoons) in our part of the world.

PassageWeather – Sailing Weather – Marine Weather Forecasts for Sailors and Adventurers

(North Pacific Ocean-all)

(Sea of Japan)

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)

Japan Meteorological Agency | Tropical Cyclone Information

Then we make coffee and sit back and go on with our day, because no typhoons are close to Starr in Bellport Ashiya Marina.

But not this week: Typhoon Chaba is on its way with winds predicted on

29 November of 95-115 knots and on

30 November with winds 65-80 knots

We thought that we would like all of our friends and family to share in the excitement.

None of the Japanese we have been talking to seem to think that it is any kind of a big deal, but we have noticed that the marina has been taking boats out of the water and putting them on the hard and that the maintenance guys were out today pruning the dead limbs off the palm trees.

We had hotel reservations in Kyoto for the weekend, and Japanese friends who we met in Honolulu were meeting us and giving us a tour.

It is high season in Kyoto, “the time of the yellow and red leaves”, and hotels are all totally booked. Fortunately I called the hotel, and was able to change our reservation to Thursday and Friday of next week, and our friends will still be able to meet us.

That’s the good news; I’ll keep you posted on the storm.
  • Tad Lhamon
    Posted at 09:15h, 28 October Reply

    SUBJECT: Typhoons`

    Don and Sharry– We’re thinking of you and wishing for a quick and safe transition to the post-typhoon phase of renewed discovery in Japan. Tad and Joyce

  • David Evans
    Posted at 12:56h, 28 October Reply

    Hello Don and Sherry,

    I have very much enjoyed reading your journals of travel in Japan. The ceramics studio’s and tea houses are most intersting to me. The purpose of this note is that the dates you have used in your latest postings are November when I believe you mean October. I hope this doesn’t cause trouble at the hotels with their reservations.

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