Don & Sharry

Sharry and I have owned Starr since 2000. We have been cruising almost non-stop since then, starting in the fall of 2000 by running the boat over to New Zealand for the first 6 months of our “Sea Trial”. We have cruised through the Marquesas, Society Islands, Cook Islands and to NZ twice. Then we drove Starr across the Atlantic for 2 years of cruising the Bay of Biscay, France, Spain, Portugal, and all throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas.

Following the Europe cruising we returned to Seattle to redevelop the Marco Shipyard into a large yacht support facility, Salmon Bay Marine Center.

In 2009, we ran Starr to Japan for an amazing year of cruising in Japan. our route to Japan took us through the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mariana’s, and into the inland sea of Japan. We based Starr in the Seto Inland Sea just south of Osaka where we spent a memorable year making friends and exploring.

Since returning from Japan we have been mostly wintering and cruising the Hawaiian Islands and then crossing back to Seattle or Alaska for the summer cruising seasons. We are currently cruising Hawaii for this year of 2020.

Don & Sharry Stabbert


Starr is a Northern Marine Trawler built in 1997 in Anacortes Washington. Starr was designed by Steve Seaton and is all FRP. The 100ton hull is essentially an updated shallow draft (6.5ft) version of a Delta 70.

Powered by a single Cummins NTU855 400hp diesel, the boat has a cruising range of 4000nm. We consume 1 gal/nm running at 8-9 knots but can almost double Starr’s range to over 7000nm at 6 knots.

The boat is very sea kindly and stout.

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